DFG was founded in late 2006 by Volkan Kurtas, Moritz Hilf and Kimito Iwamoto with the aim of building a “next generation” credit asset manager combining quantitative and qualitative excellence with state-of-the-art systems as the foundation. DFG manages approximately $7.2 billion* across structured credit (predominantly equity and debt tranches of CLOs) and leveraged credit (predominantly leveraged loans) through various structures including commingled funds, separate accounts and CLO vehicles. Our strategies span a range of risk/return objectives but share the common goal of creating differentiated returns for our clients with a constant emphasis on risk management.

Our proprietary systems offer unique analytical capabilities, transparency, and reporting capabilities. During the Financial Crisis, our systems were vetted by several large financial institutions that engaged the firm as a risk adviser to provide solutions for the unprecedented challenges they faced with their structured credit portfolios.

The firm is registered with the SEC (as an Investment Adviser) and with the NFA/CFTC (as a CPO).

*As of October 2020.